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Squad 6 had left many of their members injured. Han thoroughly evaluate every squad battle. Squad 6 should be capable of only half their military strength for this round.


Han moved to the backside of the dimensional crack. Silence and Simon moved to the front side of the Elu tribe. Silence and Simon lowered their body once they drew closer to the previous camp location.


The plane immediately exploded and tipped over, nose diving into the ground. The enemy plane's altitude was too low for it to be stopped by additional attacks by the anti aircraft gun.


Kuro said while drinking his protein drink. Even if the youths of Ark could eat until they were full, they were unable to fully consume the necessary nutrients for daily life. If they did not supplement their meals with extra nutrients, then all their muscles would instantly disappear.


Han had always remained calm and made logical decisions. He had a coolness that stood out from his peers and was shocking even amongst adults. The Elus had ruffled the one thing that kept his emotions at bay.


".... Instead of using Han's skills as a ranger or assaulter, I deployed him as the sweeper in case the rangers of the enemy team would reach the flag before us. I judged that Han had the capability to buy us time for our victory. My judgment had hit the bulls eye. This summarizes the basic reason for our victory."

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The battle would be broadcasted for all the year 2 audiences. The year 2 students would be gathered in the gymnasium, seated like they were enjoying a movie.


He used minimal psychic energy to telekinetically crack open the door. As soon as the door opened, the Elu's blade struck out.


"Everything is temporary," Han said. Han predicted he would need a lot of support from Corporal Zhai this time around. Amongst all the squad members, the member with the most varied experience is Corporal Zhai.


One of the boys from the clique recognized Han and muttered something to the group.


Schwartz displayed a map of the research center. Han saved the overall map into his mind. He drew the fastest route in his mind. His squad members were also doing the same and contemplating the best route through the building.


In year 2, all the squads competed against one another. They obtained points after winning in squad battles.


If dragons are exterminated, Ark would become an unnecessary existence. Therefore, outside government forces constantly held inspections for the smallest of reasons and sent the bare minimum necessary to sponsor the military base.



Researchers dressed in white gowns waited just outside. Amongst them, a few seemed to be instructors. In the center of the crowd was a black haired woman.



The inspectors independently used their own devices to read the data. The data that Ark would provide them would only be the tip of the iceberg. The executives of Ark frowned and retrieved their data bracelets.


Class D's dorm fell into a chilling silence. If there were no other volunteers, Sergeant Red would spend the night punishing everyone.


Han momentarily closed his eyes and focused his mind. He opened his eyes again and stepped onto the plane.

  • "Squad leader 13, Han Lee, Master Drill instructor Greseman wants to see you. You should already be aware as to why."
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